About me

about-me_photo-bannerI am currently a postdotoral fellow in the WY Coop Unit at the University of Wyoming, investigating how climate variability will affect ungulate migratory behavior, and how changes in such behavior will ultimately influence the risk of comingling between wild ungulates and livestock.  My work is based on GPS collar data of a range of large ungulates in Wyoming, MODIS satellite imagry, and field collection of fitness correlates. My work is funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (U.S. Department of Agriculture ) Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants Program.

In addition, I am broadly interested in movement and migration ecology, fitness consequences of behavior, how cognition and innovation influence foraging behavior, and conservation and management of large mammals. I anticipate a research-based career, and look forward to contributing to advancing ecological knowledge, and enhancing management and conservation of wildlife populations.

I also am keen to go hunting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking when I can, but when I am at home I like cooking, eating good food, tinkering with things, and thinking about being outside.