Employment, Research, and Field Experience

1/2011-present            Ph.D. Student.  Université Laval.  Conducted vegetation surveys.  Collected behavioral data of bison using scan sampling.  Took photographs of bison for computer-assisted photo identification.  Collected bison feces for stress hormone analyses.  Proficient in statistical software R, including familiarity with spatial analyses, generalized mixed models, Bayesian statistics.

1/2008-12/2010           Master’s Student.  University of Montana.  Captured and immobilized >35 black bears and 2 grizzly bears.  Fitted GPS collars to >16 black bears.  Conducted feeding site vegetation surveys.  Proficient in ArcGIS, Access, Resource Selection Function development, time-to-event analysis, spatial modeling, public survey implementation and analysis, and public relations.

7/2007-12/2007           Biological Technician.  Yellowstone Wolf Project.  Experience with analysis of carnivore behavioral data, writing of annual reports to funding agencies, predation site analysis, telemetry, and behavioral observations.

5/2007-7/2007             Research Technician. Wolf disease research with the Yellowstone Wolf Project and the University of Minnesota.  Experience with telemetry, behavior observations, scat collection, and carnivore necropsies.

8/2006-11/2006           Laboratory Assistant.  Arid Lands Ecology Lab, University of Arizona.  Experience with vegetation surveys and soil analysis.

5/2006-8/2006             U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Technician.  Mexican Wolf Recovery Field Team.  Experience with scat collection, telemetry, GPS collar cluster searching, landowner relations, and extensive time afield.

1/2005-12/2005           NSF Conservation Biology Intern.  Collected and analyzed Mexican wolf scats to quantify summer diet.  Assisted Mexican Wolf Recovery Field Team with telemetry, trapping, monitoring, and captures.

8/2004-5/2005             Research Assistant.  Undergraduate Research Program, University of Arizona, Badyaev Lab.  Trapped, banded, and handled >500 house finches.

5/2004-8/2004             Fisheries Intern. Arizona Game and Fish Department. Experience with stream and lake electrofishing, fish tagging, boat navigation and maintenance, and extensive time afield.

5/2003-4/2004             Landowner Relations Intern. Arizona Game and Fish Department.  Experience with public relations, small mammal trapping, bat mist-netting, herpetology surveys, sign posting, EA checklist creation, and camping and working in remote areas.